The Sony Rollable OTFT-Driven OLED Display

The evolution of electronic devices has seen them getting smaller and smaller over the years. Computers, for instance, started out from complete units, to laptops, and netbooks, and then tablets. Would you believe that the new trend in electronic technology is now geared toward getting thinner instead of smaller? And when it comes to that, nothing beats the newest from Sony: the Sony rollable OTFT-driven OLED display.

You hear that right, friends. This new Sony innovation is so thin that it can be rolled to the size of a pen! This new display measures 4.1 inches and only 80 mm thick. How was this achieved? First and foremost, in the development of the OTFTs (organic thin-film transistors), the company used only original organic semiconductor materials. These materials dissolve easily in typical solvents, and utilizing them in the manufacturing process is more environment-friendly. Plus, the output produced from them, while being lightweight and thin, is also very durable.

If you’re wondering about the roll-up capability of the device, that’s achieved with the elimination of the usual rigid driver IC chips. Instead of these, the display is incorporated with a flexible gate-driver circuit. Additionally, this flexibility is achieved with the help of the organic materials used in the insulator.

The Sony rollable OTFT-driven OLED display can reproduce moving images while it’s rolled up around a cylinder and then stretched. The reproduction is high in quality, no matter how many times you roll-up and stretch the display. This new innovation gives all of us a glimpse of how future tablets will possibly look like—not only smaller, but thinner.

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