The SkyFire 2.0: “The First Mobile Browser for the Social Media Generation”

Whereas the previous generations may have considered “getting connected” as a luxury they can do away with, it’s a necessity among the generations of today. Many people can’t live without the internet, and statistics say that more than 400 million people have an account in Facebook. Of these people, a great percentage gains access to their social media page through their mobile phone—viewing photos and videos and posting comments. If you’re one of these individuals, you know you need a good phone and a good mobile browser to get the best out of your mobile internet experience. Check out the new Skyfire 2.0.

Dubbed the first mobile browser for the social media generation, the Skyfire version 2.0 is built for Android. It’s equipped with the SkyBarTM, a toolbar that allows easy viewing of Flash videos that used to be incompatible with other phones. This is made possible with the phone’s ability to recognize Flash videos and convert them to formats like HTML5 for easy phone compatibility. The browser features three main icons: video, explore, and share. The “video” icon allows you to access and play a huge amount of videos from the internet. The “explore” icon, on the other hand, will allow you to browse through online content. And, you can share all these to your friends on Facebook and other social media sites through the “share” icon!

The Skyfire 2.0 allows for faster playing of videos and longer battery lifespan, all while you are still able to enjoy the best from your phone’s Android browser. If you want an edge in mobile internet browsing, give this newest from Skyfire a try!

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