The Scratch and Scroll Mousepad

Can you still remember the magic slate that we all used to love back then when we were still kids? Do you know that there’s a new version of this innovative toy that is now designed for adults and modern individuals? That’s right! Check out the new scratch and scroll mousepad. It’s some sort of magic slate, only more functional.

The scratch and scroll mousepad is a mousepad that can double as a cute scratch pad. First, it can accommodate any optical or ball-based computer mouse. Scrolling is easy because it has a smooth surface that guarantees accurate response from your mouse. It is slightly larger than an ordinary mousepad and it also has a non-slip backing that keeps it from sliding around as you use it. Second, it’s a scratch pad that makes jotting down notes easy. Like a magic slate, it has a stylus for writing. If you’re in a hurry, then you can just write down with your finger. It also has a semi-transparent top sheet that makes erasing what you’ve written a no-sweat – just lift up the top sheet and all you’ve written will disappear. This mousepad-scratch pad is ideal during times when you need to jot down anything – a phone number, a short message, or a reminder – and there’s no pad or pen around. It’s also environment-friendly as this reduces paper wastes.

Whether you want to relive the fun you had as a child playing with magic slate, or you simply want something practical and multifunctional at your desk, the scratch and scroll mousepad is an ideal choice. Want this? Check it out HERE!

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