The ROAMpay Credit Card Swiper: For The Growth Of Your Business

As the business industry advances to what we call as the electronic era, businessmen must learn how to make a few changes in their lives to keep up with the time and deal with the constantly increasing demands of customers. One such demand is convenience, from the customers’ shopping experience to their paying experience – yes, even this last part. And when it comes to that, credit cards are a must. Unfortunately, not all businessmen are given the resources to accept credit card payments because they lack the facility. It is this problem that QuickPay Merchant Services aims to solve as it partners with ROAM Data to produce the ROAMpay credit card swiper.

The ROAMpay is a device that features applications compatible with phones like Android, Blackberry, Droid, and many others (more than 400+ phones). When used, this will allow businessmen to accept and process credit card payments through their phones. Businessmen also get real-time authorization and are allowed to log their transactions, with receipts that they can email to their customers. Plus, they can also check transaction reports whether on their phone or via the internet. And of course, there’s no worry with ROAMpay because every transaction made is safe – the swiper is even certified by the Payment Card Industry. It accepts major credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

With the ROAMpay credit card swiper now available, businessmen need not lose sales anymore just because they cannot accommodate credit card payments. With just their phones on hand, every credit card transaction will be accommodated smoothly.

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