The New Super Table – GestureTek GestTable

There are a lot of interesting tables that were mentioned in history. It’s not that chairs are not that interesting but in this article, it’s all about laying it out on the table. Who hasn’t heard of King Arthur, his famous knights and the round table with no heads and legs? The Last Supper was painted featuring Jesus and his disciples eating on a wooden long table. Countless decisions and movies were made on the famous centerpiece in the Oval office at the Whitehouse–the Resolute desk.
Now another table from GestureTek arrives to make history, the new GestTable and you won’t be eating supper on it anytime soon. Here’s why. It features a whooping 42-inch High Definition LCD multitouch screen with 1920 x 1080p resolution with a 16:9 aspect ratio. It boasts an ultra accurate and responsive tracker, a very fast response time, and several cameras running at 100 frames per second. The GestTable is simply put; a giant display table ran with a computer under it, so it’s not exactly a place for any presidential son to be hanging out in.

This hi-tech table can be banded together in modular format to display a large image across multiple screens and can even be modified for vertical presentation using an LCD mount. GestureTek GestTable supports Windows 7 HID (Human Interface Device), TUIO and NUITEQ’s latest Snowflake Suite Release 1.9.1, and Microsoft Surface Toolkit for Windows Touch. No price on it yet but you could guess that even King Arthur would have to empty his royal coffers to have this one.

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