The Logitech Laptop Speaker Z305

Your laptop headphone not doing it for you? Well, if you often use your laptop for work or fun and audio is a must, then you must get the best audio delivery system there is. For laptops and netbooks, one of the newest craze is the Logitech Laptop Speaker Z305.

Three hundred sixty degrees sound, plug and play feature, clip-on design – these are just but a few of the things you can enjoy from the Z305. The said device is a small and portable laptop speaker with a clip-on design. You just clip it into your laptop or netbook (it’s compatible with most laptops and netbooks), plug it into your laptop’s USB port using the cable that comes with it, and you’re ready to enjoy high quality sound. The device promises a 360-degree sound. Meaning, it emits clear and rich sound evenly. So, whether right in front of it or behind it, you can still enjoy your audio at the highest quality. Plus, carrying it with you isn’t a problem because it will fit easily into your bag and won’t take up space when in use. It also comes with a case that will keep it protected when in storage. Lastly, the USB cable that comes with it can be neatly tucked into its back, so there’s no mess. You can also connect it with any portable music player with a 3.5 mm stereo jack.

Right now, the Logitech Laptop Speaker Z305 is only available by pre-order. But, if you’re already in dire need of a laptop speaker, you can find a Logitech Laptop Speaker Z Series at Amazon.

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