The Logitech Gaming Keyboard

Love your games? Well, we do, too! So, we like to check out new gadgets and devices that bring computer gaming to a higher level – making it more fun! One of the appealing new introductions in the gaming market today is the Logitech Gaming Keyboard. It’s packed with features designed to optimize the gaming experience of players.

The following are some of the features that you will find in this gaming keyboard:

  • Game Panel LCD. This display will keep you aware of pertinent information and everything that’s happening in the game. Some of the things that this display will provide you are real time game stats, player data, and many others.
  • 18 Programmable G-Keys. The keyboard will allow you to program and create specific functions for every game (up to 54 functions), from simple pressing of a key to more complex configurations.
  • USB Audio. This will allow you to keep constant communication with people you play with in the game. So, you get a real feel for what you’re doing.
  • Customizable Backlighting. The backlight feature allows for a more accurate key pressing. The backlight color can also be customized, so you can choose one that works with your other peripherals best.

The Logitech Gaming Keyboard is perfect for serious gamers. It’s an ideal partner to the Logitech Gaming Mouse to achieve extreme gaming fun. And while the keyboard is designed for gaming, it can also be used as an ordinary desktop keyboard. Do you want one? Find a Logitech Gaming Keyboard at Amazon!

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