The Kleer Open-Aire Wireless Headphone

What are the elements of a perfect headphone? One, it should be comfortable to wear. Two, it should be stylish. Three, it should provide clear sound without the distractions from your environment. And if you use headphone at work, you’ll surely agree that there’s a fourth requirement: you should also be able to talk to your colleagues without having to take the headphone on and off every once in a while. The Kleer Open-Aire wireless headphone meets all such requirements.

This headphone is an ultra-modern gadget that will surely make for a good techie addition in your work desk. It features an over-the-ear design and velour padded earcups and headband that makes wearing it comfortable – no matter how long. The said design also ensures that you’ll hear what you need to hear when you need to hear them. In connection to that, the truly unique feature of the said device is its “open aire” design that will allow you to talk to a person even with the headphone on. The said design allows sound to pass through, so you can hear what the other person is saying when you stop or pause the music you’re listening to – all while still allowing you to enjoy the music without distractions when you press play.

As an additional benefit, it’s also hassle-free to use because it doesn’t use wires. Its base station can transmit uncompressed sound up to 320 feet. And lastly, charging is easy by just docking the headphone into its multipurpose transmitter. Cool, eh? Check this out HERE and enjoy its great benefits!

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