The HP Envy 100 e-All-in-One Printer: Space-Saving, Environment-Friendly

At first glance, you might not distinguish the new HP Envy 100 to be a printer. It’s very compact and is designed to complement any modern setting. In fact, the printer itself is a redefinition of what modern means.

Modern means ultra functional. Unlike traditional printers, this new device can print straight from the web and through email. It also allows printing from different computers with its wireless networking.  It features a 3.45” touch screen display, so printing is hassle-free. And with its high resolution, you can be sure that all your printed photos and pages will be of good quality.

Modern means compact. The HP Envy 100 doesn’t occupy a lot of space. Unlike other printers, it also doesn’t cause a lot of mess. The device is small compared to other printers. The paper tray extends and retracts, extending only after printing. Plus, the rear ports are hidden. So, you save on space.

Modern means stylish. Because of the space-saving features of the HP Envy 100, all the other extending parts of the printer are removed. Therefore, you get only a sleek device that will look ultra modern in whatever setting, whether in your office or in your study room.

Modern means environment-friendly. The said printer is the first PVC-free printer in the world. This only means that it can be recycled—there won’t be additional garbage if you’re planning to get rid of the printer.

Ultra-functional, compact, stylish, and environment-friendly—if you want all these benefits from your printer, then the HP Envy 100 e-All-in-One Printer is the best printer for you. It will be available in November and will be offered at $399.

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