The Future of 3D Advertising

It wouldn’t be long until manufacturers will be capable of advertising their products using 3D posters which really come amazing because of their hitherto unattained spatial effect. Even casual observers will love the idea because they no longer need to wear special glasses. By means of modern lighting techniques. 3D images that can be as big as five meters can be generated. What makes such poster so interesting is its distinctive trait of glowing in three dimensions. The moment the observer comes close to it, the appearance of the image will change, adjusting to the visual angle.

In the future, the said 3D displays will be made in an industrial scale. This poster takes pride for being the brainchild of hardworking researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute for Physical Measurement Techniques IPM in Freiburg. These researchers are working together with their colleagues from RealEyes company and the University of Kiel. According to Dr. Dominik Giel, group manager, the display will work like those lenticular images observed on postcards.

Every display will be made up of 250,000 individual lenses with a diameter of two millimeters each. Its difference from a lenticular image is that it can be viewed even from the other side of the street. This is because of excellent precision and specialized software that revises the data to avoid distorting the resulting image. What’s great is: for every 30,000 different viewing angles, the display offers an independent view picture. So as a viewer, you’ll see only one image that constantly moves or changes with the viewing angle.

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