The Fujitsu Wireless Guidance System

Hospitals are among the most stressful places today. This is partly due to the fact that most of the people who go to hospitals are ill, or are related to a sick person. The hurry and scurry in hospitals, plus all the waiting needed for registration, form accomplishment, and the completion of all other necessary procedures add to the stress. Fujitsu has introduced a feasible solution to the latter problem. Its Fujitsu wireless guidance system is designed to help in facilitating the step-by-step procedures that patients have to follow before they actually see their doctor.

The said system comes with an electronic paper display and card provided for patients. When a patient enters the hospital, he does away with all the traditional registration processes. He is simply given a card that he places on the card reader. Once done, the patient is automatically registered at the hospital and guided to his correct destination. The device will display the patient’s remaining waiting time and place in line. So, he doesn’t have to keep close to the waiting room to see if he’s already being called. He can roam around to do whatever he needs to do and rest assured that the device will update him when his turn is near. He just needs to be sure to stay within the range of the wireless signal to be able to receive updates (via display and vibrations).

While the Fujitsu wireless guidance system is beneficial to patients, it is as beneficial to hospitals. Because patients don’t have to consult with nurses and hospital personnel every once in a while, the personnel can focus their attention on more pressing tasks. Plus, they don’t have to use more papers for patient registration. Beneficial, don’t you think?

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