The eXplorist GC – Perfect for Adventure Seekers at Heart

The eXplorist GC is a superb GPS device made exclusively for geocaching. For those who did not know it, Geocaching is an ultra-modern version of the “hide and seek” game in which adventure seekers employ GPS technology in hiding and finding objects, solving location-based puzzles, and sharing experiences in the Internet. This is preloaded with the world’s most popular geocaches and it comes complete with paperless geocaching. It is equipped with easy to navigate menus, rich graphics and brilliant, sunlight readable color screen.

Additionally, the eXplorist GC is your key to 21st century treasure hunting. It offers map screen with compass overlay for intuitive navigation. Its dashboard screen is also customizable. After purchasing this device, you should register on It comes with 30 day premium trial upon purchase but you should redeem to continue enjoying your eXplorist. Then, search for unique geocaches around the world so you can define your next adventure. By means of the USB cable, connect your eXplorist to your computer and click on “send to GPS” button to send the geocache information automatically to your GC.

Once you have the information in your GPS device, it’s time that you sort and locate to find the cache that fits the adventurous spirit in you. The eXplorist will locate caches near you or those that are miles away from you. Use the dashboard screen or mapscreen to navigate to the hidden cache. If you’re 20 feet away from your target place, the GC will beep, alerting you that you’re close enough and you can start looking for you geocache. The moment you found it, mark the geocaches as found and put field notes so you can document your hunt. When you get online, go to to log your visit.

If it sounds interesting, you can get the Magellan eXplorist GC Handheld Geocaching GPS Navigator now from Amazon for less than $200.

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