That Tiny Voice Recorder Called Echo Bot

Don’t you just hate it when somebody sneaks into your room and boos you while you’re busy working on something? It would have been okay if you can easily go back to what you are doing after that big surprise. But if not, then you need a highly reliable gadget that will serve as basic intruder alarm like the Echo Bot.

Designed mainly as a tiny voice recorder, the Echo Bot features a little button that when pressed, you can record up to 10 seconds of audio. Record something like “Boo”, “Yes, what do you want?” or “Knock first before you enter!” and that tiny recorder will repeat your message once it detects movement up to 3.3 feet away.

How to install it? Well, you don’t have to. Its three legs are designed with suction cup at the end, enabling you to stick the Echo Bot anywhere you please. Place it near your door or simply in a conspicuous place inside your home, and it’ll start pooping once it detects movement.

Isn’t it great to have a companion as cool as the Echo Bot? Now, your room will be a nicer workplace and quieter than the usual. No more distracting surprises on your side! But the intruder who wants to sneak into your room will sure have lots with the Echo Bot in place.

So when asked, “What’s that cute little gadget near your room?” Just answer, “It’s that tiny voice recorder called Echo Bot. Try it! It’s so much fun!”

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