Tetrax Magnetic Gadget Holder

If you drive a car, better have a gadget holder installed. It is for the simple fact that it’s hard to get your phone from your pocket when someone calls you (not to mention dangerous). By using a gadget holder, your phone is conveniently positioned to let you look over at the screen even with just your peripheral vision. You don’t even have to move much and you can still concentrate on the road ahead and cars nearby. Thinking of getting those suction holders? Nah! Licking and sticking are things of the past! Use the power of magnets with the Tetrax Magnetic Gadget Holder.

This gadget holder takes advantage of the power that rare-earth magnets have. Rare-earth magnets are stronger than regular magnets by as much as 100%! They are so strong that a small piece can already hold an object firmly such as gadgets. Installation is very easy. Just attach the adhesive part to your dashboard and the exposed magnet part is where you attach your phone, GPS, mp3 player etc. You can even use this at home as a remote control holder or even a place to put your keys.

Remember, these are strong magnets so you should be careful of what you’re attaching on to it. You should never let your ATM cards, credit cards, debit cards, or other items which has a magnetic strip to get anywhere near these as it would erase any magnetic information that it holds. Also, be careful with hard disk driven gadgets such as the iPod Classic because magnets might affect its performance.

Get your cool Tetrax Magnetic Gadget Holder here.

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