Talking Microscope

Remember the macro and microscope that was featured the other day? Now, here is another alternative for you, budding biologist. The difference with this one is that the Talking Microscope can be used for kids that are 5+ while the macro and microscope is for kids who are 8+ plus, this one talks.

While this is suited for younger kids, don’t let the age number fool you since this is still packed with scientific features. This has 5x magnification that would let your kid see a whole new world within the small creatures that he used to squish with his hand. While on a slide, the microscope talks and tells facts about the specimen being examined where your kid can learn new things. The quiz mode on the other hand tests your child’s ability to remember what has been taught to him. As he breeze through the answers, it makes the information almost permanent (as you know, a kid’s brain is like a super-hold sponge). While the operation seems to be complicated and all, it is very easy to learn with the 7 Spark Cards which illustrate the microscope’s operations in easy to understand diagrams and pictures. For parents, there is also an included “Lab Assistant” guide for you to be able to help your kid use the microscope. Actual user reviews show that the Talking Microscope is fun, durable, and easy to use.

Explore 12 slides that depict real-life specimens from brine shrimp to scorpions with the Talking Microscope.

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