Takoyaki Adaptor for Stylish Plugging and Charging

Tangled wires are an unsightly scene. And admit it: the usual plain plug sockets and power strips in your home do not give any help to keep things a little interesting. Never lose hope, though. Designer Wang Ning has created a new concept power strip that incorporates style and function: the Takoyaki Adaptor concept.

The Takoyaki Adaptor brings out a classic Chinese look with its porcelain appearance, making it a real stylish piece. The power strip features plug sockets with a router function and the ability to rotate 360 degrees, so it’s both fascinating and functional at the same time. And when you insert a plug on the socket, the rim around it gives off a blue glow, making it perfect as a nightlight. Each power strip comes with four sockets, but the sockets can be removed easily. You can also replace them with different-colored sockets for an even better appearance.

And that’s not all—the Takoyaki Adaptor can also charge your mobile phone wireless! The electric base can be easily changed to wireless linear, and all you have to do is simply place your phone on the correct spot and it will automatically charge. So, there’s no problem if you ever misplace your charger! With this adaptor, you can give your wires some ornamentation during daytime and then enjoy a cool glow at night.

Right now, the Takoyaki Adaptor is but a concept design. But hopefully, with the style and the added functionality of this Wang Ning creation, we’ll see it in the market someday soon.

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