Tailgater Party Speaker

Pop songs were big winners last year. Boom Boom Pow was such a hit, Lady GaGa’s songs and even Kesha followed during the last periods of the year. Sure these songs were a hit, but they would be much better if paired with a nice set of speakers. Previous speakers that have been featured here in Geekie were good for home or personal use. This party speaker on the other hand is built to be loud and please the crowd.

The Tailgater Party Speaker has 3 sound inputs. The first is through a dock which can very convenient for iPod users. Specifically designed for the iPod, the speakers support the iPod Nano 1st-4th gen, iPod Classic, iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPod Mini. The second input is a 3.5mm jack where you can listen to any media player/computer or laptop in case you are not an iPod person. Third is the instruments jack where you can connect your guitar, microphone or keyboard.

Be free from the outlet and party all night long even without a power supply since this speakers has a built-in battery. The battery can be fully charged in 4 hours and when it does, the Tailgater can last for 8-10 hours of full blast music. There is also a battery indicator to know when it is full or when it is running out of juice.

Equipped with 22 watts of power, this speaker is good not only for partying but also for other purpose such as karaoke night, as P.A. system, or for presentations that needs extra audio power.

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