T3 the Eco Friendly Transforming Robot

It’s always interesting to conceptualize a scaled down no holds barred battle royal between two robots. On the red corner, a robot who shared its own battle against humankind and later his own kind, a veteran of many slaughters and fueled by a deadly clear-energy cell power plant– the terminator T800. The contender: a 6-in-1 solar powered robot that can transform into a humanoid fighting bipod, a scorpion and a freaking tank–the T3. It’s clearly a no contest, sorry T800; transformers eat terminators for breakfast. The T3 is an eco-friendly toy robot with a really mean stance–think about a mechanized arthropod terrorizing your toy city and later transforms into a solar powered tank to level it out. Try doing that Mr. T800. No need for mercury laden batteries or nuclear powered fuel cells, a healthy dose of sunshine can keep the T3 literally going and going.

The fun starts with the assembly and later in transforming it to different modes. What could be better way to teach mechanics and environmental concerns to children 8 years old and above than assembling and letting loose a T3 on your backyard.

Here are the other features and technical specs of the T3:

• Requires assembly: 70-piece kit.
• Requires screwdriver for assembly.
• Solar panel output: 75mA.
• Solar cell lifespan: 2 years with normal use.
• 6.3 x 11 x 8 cm in dimension depending on the form.

Buy T3 Transforming Solar Robot OWIMSK614 here.

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