t-JAYS Earbuds – The New Passion for Comfort and Audio Quality

There are many factors being considered by audio enthusiasts when choosing and buying earphones or headphones. Of course, the sound quality is the main priority followed by other preferences like comfort, price, and look. Since 2006, JAYS, a recognized Swedish brand for producing high-end music experience through its well-designed and high quality audio products, has been dedicated to get rid of walls between design and quality.

This year, JAYS will start shipping its new line of earbuds, the t-JAYS. The latest range is designed for music aficionados who are on the move and who demand enhanced audio performance. t-JAYS come in three options, One, Two, and Three. Each variant is specially crafted depending on price, finish, accessories, and audio quality. Whether for everyday use or long-term listening, you’ll always have perfect fit earbuds – thanks to an angled sound chamber that lets you feel great bass as well as a warm midrange set in an ample soundstage. Weighing about 8 grams, the t-JAYS can be securely and comfortably used when you wear a helmet or when you are engaged in sports activities. The angle designed t-JAYS cable allows you to place it over the ear and sit closely to the body thus giving you a more relaxed fitted earbud.

The three t-JAYS models feature the newest tough detachable TPE-coated Kevlar cable (60 or 130 cm), 10mm Neodymium element, same speaker size, and gold-plated contact. The cord lets you use the buds with headsets, iPhone adapters, and even Bluetooth solutions. You can choose from Standard Black to Deep High Gloss Black and Rubber Coated Black finishes. As a bonus, you can have a stereo splitter, a flight adapter, and a newly developed protective travel case when you buy the Three model.

If you want to add more passion to music, better have JAYS.

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