Swanky Shell Digital Scales for Swanky Kitchens

Still using that same old bulky weighing scale to measure the ingredients of your daily recipe? Or perhaps you still rely on that hard to read needle to tell you how much your ingredients weigh? How about simply estimating everything, like a teaspoon of this, and a tablespoon of that? Oh well, it’s time you get a more reliable kitchen gadget for your weighing needs! And why not combine it with really cool design this time? Enter the Swanky Shell Digital Scales for swanky kitchens.

Unlike the traditional kitchen scale, the Swanky Shell Digital Scales are more high tech, with functional digital display giving you accurate measurements in grams, fluid ounces, pounds, ounces, and milliliters. No more guessing, reading through a needle, and occupying a lot of space in your kitchen just to know how much of an ingredient you are throwing in the mixing bowl for that recipe you are cooking. With the Swanky Shell Digital Scales, you get the measurements less the fuss. Plus, they have really cool designs. When closed, they actually look like a cool pod, but when opened, the broad easy-pour scoop looks really sexy, adding a totally new look to your modern, stylish kitchen.

So why settle for anything else? Isn’t it great to be cooking less the hassle of measuring the ingredients using the traditional scale? And with the scales’ really unique design, the extra cool look will definitely be a head turner. So order the Swanky Shell Digital Scales now! Grey or white, well the choice is all yours!

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