SuperPen Graphics Tablet – Lets You Draw in a Flash

If you’ve been working as a graphics designer for quite some time now, then you know how important it is to stay pure digital when you do frame-by-frame animation. Although you can always use the tried-and-tested method of hand-drawn keyframe animation, still nothing compares to the convenience of using graphics tablet – a nifty little device that allows any graphic designer to draw animation right on the screen. However, some designers are concerned about the price of this gadget that’s why they’re having second thoughts of getting one. If you are among them, well, here’s one that will sure be easy on the budget – the SuperPen Graphics Tablet available for only $49.99.

The SuperPen Graphics Tablet allows designers like you to work with frame-by-frame animation in Flash faster and a lot easier. With this device, you can very much draw directly on the screen, saving you the trouble of scanning, sequencing, and vector-tracing your bitmaps. But aside from that, this also allows you to send handwritten email since it supports Microsoft handwriting recognition. So, if you want to make your emails more personalized, then this is the thing to go.

Combining keyboard, mouse, and pen functions in one, the SuperPen Graphics Tablet is really one cool gadget that is great not just for your graphics work but also for use as an alternate input device. So, draw in flash with its pressure-sensitive wireless pen and enjoy the handy pre-programmed shortcuts that are great for day-to-day functions now! Get the SuperPen Graphics Tablet available at for only $49.99!

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