Super USB 24-Port Hub

Perhaps, you have received several USB gadgets as gifts for the past Christmas and New Year. If you are such a gadget geek or a collector of electronic devices, especially handheld ones, you may find the USB 24-port hub helpful. As its name implies, this piece of equipment offers no less than twenty four USB ports so no matter how many USB devices you have, they can all be plugged in at the same time. Manufactured by USB Fever, this Super USB Hub comes with a Super AC Adapter of 4A (100-240VAC) so you can use it even for charging.

The Super USB hub also features USB 2.0 and has back compliance with USB 1.1. It also takes pride in offering plug and play function. The 24 ports in the said device are made up of 1 upstream and 24 downstream. Aside from the adapter, this device is also offered with a USB cable. Those who find this device helpful may get it at USB Fever for US$69.99.

While those who own a lot of USB devices may be jumping for joy right now due to the advent of this device, there are some who see it as a bit of an overkill. Why? Because they think that plugging 24 gadgets into it at once can be resource-draining since the use of USB is managed by the computer and not by the peripheral itself. These people also believe that individuals who fill up those 24 ports are just making their own sudo server farm full of external drives that are all connected through USB.

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