Start your Day Sharp with the Laser Target Alarm Clock

Tired of your old alarm clock that needs the conventional method of turning off before it will eventually shut off? Then the new Laser Target Alarm Clock is for you. This alarm clock comes with an oh-so-cool and more challenging design. No matter how lazy or how sleepy you are, this clock will get your eyes wide open in the morning. So if you have trouble in getting out of bed even, this Laser Target Alarm Clock is perfect because it just won’t stop until you spring into action and shoot the center of the target with your laser.

As you might have thought upon seeing the picture of this product, you need to hit the bulls eye using the handheld laser included in the package to be able to be able to turn the alarm clock off. True, this is a wonderful way to start your off. This is also a good way to test your accuracy even when you’re groggy. When your alarm clock goes off, all you need to do is to pick the laser up and hit the bulls eye target and the clock will shut off.

This fun laser alarm clock comes with 12 and 24 hour format and is operated by three AA batteries. It weighs one kilogram and has a width, height, and depth of 15.0 cm. If you want to be like a sharp gunman when you wake up, this Laser Target Alarm Clock is the product for you. Purchase this at Amazon for only $18.95.

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