Star Wars Planetarium

Most educational and entertaining shows and presentations about the astronomy and the sky at night are held in a planetarium. It is also a perfect venue for trainings in celestial navigation. This is the reason why such buildings usually have a large projection screen that’s shaped like a dome. Scenes of planets, stars, and other celestial objects are projected in this screen so they can look and move more realistically to replicate the so-called ‘motions of heavens.’

If you love the sky especially at night, this will be good news for you: now, you can feel like you’re in a planetarium without leaving the comforts of your own room. With the Star Wars Planetarium, you can easily convert your darkened room into a planetarium. This is just a table-top component so you need not worry about the space it would take up. The said planetarium is perfect for kids from ages 8 and above especially those who love Star Wars. It can be mistaken as a replica of the moon, but the Death Star Planetarium offers so much more. It opens up into a planetary projector to exhibit the cosmos on the ceiling of your bedroom.

What’s great is, you have the option to either view the map of the worlds making up the Star Wars galaxy or enjoy the Earth’s own night sky. So why spend time driving just to take your kid in a real planetarium when you can enjoy all of that without going inside the house? Purchase the Uncle Milton Uncle Milton Star Wars Science Death Star Planetarium at Amazon now and start spending quality time with your kids by teaching them about the night sky and celestial objects they see when they look up to it.

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