Stainless Steel Digital Calipers w/ LCD Screen: Accurate Measurements All the Time!

Measuring is one activity better left with the professionals, wouldn’t you think so? Aside from the boringness associated with such a technical task, accuracy in measurement is also often elusive—especially when using bland and plain measuring devices. It’s this problem that the new stainless steel digital caliper w/ LCD screen aims to address.

This new digital caliper is like all other measuring calipers in any way, except for one thing—it aims to be accurate down to .001”. That accuracy is achieved with the extra-large LCD screen that comes with the caliper. The device features a stainless steel shaft and a depth-measurement probe and precision ground jaws. It guarantees the exact measurement even of very small objects. You can place it anywhere along the slide with the help of its machine-grooved thumb-rolled mechanism. Positioning the lock when adjusting is also easy, plus the display converts easily from metric and non-metric units. The display has an on and off switch, and it has an auto shutoff feature. It can display units in millimeters, inches, and fractions. It also has three buttons—one for the unit display (mm, in, or fraction), another for the on/off feature, and the third one for zero. The device is powered by LR44 batteries, which are already included, and it also features a low battery warning indication.

If you want a fun and easy way to measure, whether you’re measuring 12 inches or 12 millimeters, the stainless steel digital caliper w/ LCD screen is the best tool to use. With this device, you don’t need to be a professional to get exact measurements. Plus, it makes measuring a little bit more fun.

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