Spycam Classic Lighter Camera

Okay, let’s imagine this scenario: you and your girlfriend for 5 years are on the rocks now. You love your girl very much but then she suddenly went cold on you. You hardly know the reason why, and when you ask her to go out, all she says is that she’s busy or that she has other important things to do. Weird, isn’t it? And what makes it even more frustrating is the mere fact that she’s not opening up to you. So if she doesn’t want to, then you better start doing your own thing – spy on her. That’s right! You need to know the truth in the first place. So grab that little Spycam Classic Lighter Camera you got there and begin with your mission.

Huh? A spy camera that looks like a standard classic style lighter? Wow, that’s cool! If you are a smoker, well no one would even suspect that what you are holding there is no longer a lighter. So if your girlfriend does not want to spill the beans, then let the Spycam Classic Lighter Camera divulge her little secret for you. Follow her or let a close friend does that one of these days, without her knowing of course. Then see where she goes or whom she meets. If you see anything suspicious, then take out your spy gadget and start recording with just a single push of the button. The Spycam Classic Lighter Camera has 4GB memory capacity, so there’s enough space for your recorded audio and video. Plus, its battery life lasts for about 3-4 hours of video recording, so you are guaranteed to record everything, from start to finish. Once the built-in battery runs out, simply charge it via USB.

So have you learned her secret? A new guy? Oh that’s so sad! Now, you better talk to her and get her to open up to end everything. Good thing you have the Spycam Classic Lighter Camera. But if you haven’t, then it’s high time you get one.

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