Sportsband Bluetooth Headphones – It Isn’t Just Sporty, It’s Also Sexy

Jaybird actually gives you lots of reasons to appreciate and make you want to buy the Sportsband Bluetooth Headphones. While some headphone designs these days are a bit funny, this one’s an exemption. This unique-looking pair of Bluetooth headphones comes with built-in controls and a cool, sporty design.

So what are the things that make the Sportsband a must-have? First, it sports a clean, minimalist design and offers a snug fit. If you’re serious in your workout, you want your headphone to deliver a great sound without taking you out of focus. Good thing, Sportsband Bluetooth headphones are designed to give you just that. It fits snugly and does not have any cord or wire that comes your way. Hence, it is perfect for sports lovers who want to maintain their good looks even when exercising. With the product’s classy design, it is even tagged as Jaybird’s most stunning contribution in the market.

Second, The Sportsband produces great sound with a focus on bass. Its sound has been carefully thought-out to evoke the exact feelings that motivate you to go to the gym or to your favorite sport. Third, this product is offered with a Lifetime Warranty against sweat. Isn’t it a great offer? It just means that Jaybird supports your dedication to fitness by allowing you to use the Sportsband as you like. Fourth, this product offers great fit with its four-way adjustability. Designers of these headphones understand that human beings don’t have the same head and ear shape, so they make sure that Sportsband Blutetooth headphones will cater to the contours of your head and ears while upholding its slim form.

Fifth, the Sportsband is equipped with a Microphone that features clear voice capture technology for phone calls. This will ensure that your voice will come out clear and crisp. As soon as you take a call, music playing from your iPod or other players automatically stops and resumes when you’re finished.

The JayBird SB1B Sportsband Bluetooth Headphones (Black) are among the most interesting headphones available in the market. Get one now for only $89.

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