Splitfish Gameware FRAGFX Shark – Save Your FPS Skin while Saving the Planet

Gaming mouse nowadays is so ferocious and precise that it’s an understatement to call them mouse anymore. The best ones are named after top predators like poisonous snakes or something deadlier. And now Splitfish Gameware, a company dedicated to developing, manufacturing and distributing ground-breaking peripherals to enhance console gaming experience, is about to release a predator of its own–the upcoming FRAGFX Shark. The Splitfish Shark is a power conserving precision mouse FPS controller specially designed to work for PlayStation 3, PC and Mac.

Splitfish’s FragFX Shark controller will greatly benefit the PS3 PFS fan boys where it enables them to have the pressure sensitive control of an analog stick and the ever sought after precision aiming of a mouse. In spite of the overkill performance, the FragFX Shark is very eco-friendly. It uses a variety of energy-saving technology that makes it efficiently to use the power on a single AA battery. A newly opened or charged AA battery can last around 50 hours of game time and over 500 hours on standby for both the split fragchuck and mouse. Combining performance with power saving technology; the FRAGFX SHARK is the new standard mouse to beat for every console FPS games.
The Shark will be officially unveiled at Gamescom 2010, which will take place August 18-22. Splitfish will also be launched with two more predator themed peripherals for PS3 at the expo–the FragFX Piranha and the FragFX Barracuda.

Purchase your own SPLITFISH FRAGFX here.

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