Spacetec Zero Gravity Pen: The Pen That Will Outlast You

We’ve all seen different innovations done with even the simplest things we use everyday, like a pen. There are pens that accommodate smaller tubes of different colors in one single bigger tube, pens that double as nail cutters, and many other useful and sometimes weird innovations. Of all these, however, nothing can compare to the Spacetec Zero Gravity pen.

The Spacetec pen is so called as such because it’s specifically designed for use in space and in environments where gravity is non-existent or zero. It is especially selected by NASA years ago and is still very popular today. It was first used in the year 1965 during a space mission. Wouldn’t you love adding this writing implement to your collection of unique and one-of-a-kind stuff? The pen is silver in color, giving it a professional appeal. It is also gas-powered, powered by a fully pressure ink cartridge. Featuring stainless steel tungsten carbide ball points and high-quality lacquered surface, it can last a lifetime. It’s also capable of working even in the roughest of environments—in extreme cold, extreme heat, under water, over grease, and in any other extreme environment you can think of. You are given the guarantee that the ink will not leak nor evaporate, and that the pen will write not only longer but also cleaner.

The Spacetec Zero Gravity pen is perfect as a personal memorabilia or as a gift to someone very special. With the historical facts surrounding it, it’s one of the few innovations that you can trust to be treasured even after years of use.

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