Soundmatters foxL V2 Bluetooth Speaker

Perhaps, one of the main reasons why you choose that model of your mobile phone is because of its Bluetooth feature. Aside from allowing you to transfer files like MP3s, pictures, and video clips from your PC to phone and vice versa, it also enables you to share them to your friends’ and loved ones’ phones with ease. But do you know that the Bluetooth feature of your handheld phone can also be paired with a speaker system so you can enjoy listening to your MP3s without the need for a headset? If you still don’t know about this, then it’s time to read on Soundmatters’ newest pocket-sized portable stereo speaker – the foxL V2 Bluetooth Speaker.
Featuring a new Bluetooth circuitry, the foxL V2 is set to provide 3x better reception than its earlier version, with lower distortion and noise both for music and for hands-free operation. It also automatically pairs and searches for Bluetooth devices, so it’s really very easy to use. And when there’s an incoming call or when you want to terminate a call, no need to reach for your phone to do so. The speaker itself allows you to do that with so much convenience.

But aside from foxL’s Bluetooth feature, there are also a lot to look forward to from this pocket-sized speaker. It does play louder and sound better than the original foxL. Once fully charged, you can get a bit more volume up to 3dB more output and experience great sound because this one has “Twoofers” that provide for smoother deeper bass. And one more thing, it plays and charges anywhere because it now includes a universal AC power charger, four plug-in international adapters, and a USB cable.

Get the Soundmatters foxL Pocket-Sized Audiophile Loudspeaker System (Black) at now!

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