Sony W350D Digital Camera – Designed for Women

In the world of digital cameras, you see megapixel and feature wars. Camera manufacturers produce models that has lots of megapixels in an effort to equate it with the picture quality that it has. While a lot of factors contribute to this, the connotation of high megapixel = good pictures still prevails. Feature wars on the other hand truly benefit the consumer on different fronts. Some offer better zoom lens, some put in dual displays or have a multimedia projector. While if we inspect on gadgets as a whole, there is this segment which directly targets fashion conscious users, most especially, women. If we look at Sony’s track record, they have consistently capitalized on this aspect with a slew of products having unique and fashionable designs. The DSC W350D is another of those products where fashion is passion.

The W350D is available in Pink Jewel or Pure White. The pink one has a flowery design with rhinestones on the edges which Sony describes as “glamorous sparkle”. The white model has a less girly design but has still managed to put have a few stones – probably for the tech geek girls out there. Lastly, there is a case to match the design that you have chosen to complete the look.

Over at the specs, it is a 14.1 megapixel shooter, has 4x optical zoom with image stabilization, a 2.7″ screen and can record videos at 720p.

When converted to dollars, you can get this for just around $290. However, it is only available in Japan and no word yet on its availability here in the US.

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