Sony Sound Mug RDP-NWV500

Look at all the dock speakers out there. They are the traditional bar or cube design and some have spherical shapes. But this new speaker from Sony takes on a new look for its proprietary dock speaker.

The Sound Mug is a speaker which takes the design of a tumbler than a mug actually. Sony suggests that you can use the Sound Mug both at home and while inside the car. When at home, there is cradle for the speaker and a dock for a Walkman music player. It may be a proprietary speaker when docked but a 3.5mm audio cable is available for you to connect your iPod, Zune, laptop, etc. If you go outside the house, you can bring the Sound Mug with you and place it in the cup holder of your car. The body is specifically designed to fit regular sized cup holders so the speaker won’t move anywhere and a 12V adapter is also included.

This speaker has 16 watts of power; fairly decent for its size. The design of audio output suggests that a good placement would be somewhere in the middle of an area as a coffee table or the middle cup holder of a car. There is a mini remote control that can do basic stuffs like change the volume, skip tracks, etc.

Thinking about it, using this as a speaker inside your car might be only good for older cars because more recent car models come with a 3.5mm jack. Also, you can either use an FM transmitter which is far smaller than bringing the Sound Mug. This way, you harness the raw power of your car’s speakers which definitely is more powerful.

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