Sony Digital Photo Frames: Photo Display At Its Best

The rising popularity of digital cameras has brought the slow decline of Polaroid cameras, together with the reduction in the popularity of photo albums and frames – most photos today are displayed on social networking sites instead of frames and albums. Despite this, Sony aims to bring back the personal touch that photo frames add to a home, with a touch of techie-ness, through its three new digital frames: the DPF-XR100, DPX-VR100, and DPF-D830).

The said photo frames are not only digital; they’re also ultimately modern with their top-of-the-line features. The first two (XR100 and VR100) are incorporated with AVCHD video playback through a media card, so they can display not just photos but also videos. Meanwhile, the D830 is the first digital frame from Sony to be battery-powered (built-in rechargeable battery). The two former frames features a high res WSVGA LED backlight LCD and 256 megapixels. The XR100 is also incorporated with Sony’s TruBlack technology, ensuring a stronger contrast and reduced reflection for a better appearance. Add in an alarm mode, a stereo audio, and Sweep Panorama playback (XR100 and VR100) and you can’t ask for anything more. For the D830, you get SVGA LED backlight LCD display. All three frames have a 2GB internal memory. They also have an auto-resizing feature that will allow you to store more photos internally even without a memory card. Plus, they allow you to copy your music (MP3) to the said memory.

You’ll also find a Sony Digital photo frame when you browse Amazon. So far, however, the three mentioned models are among the most advanced.

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