Sony’s Newest Line of Readers: For Optimal Book Reading Experience

Sony today introduces an upgraded version of three of its popular Readers: the Reader Pocket Edition, Reader Touch Edition, and the Reader Daily Edition. The latter will also be offered in markets where it had not been offered before, and the said line is designed to be compatible with the language of the markets to which it will be offered.

The new line of readers will have more improved features designed to make digital experience better. The readers are smaller and lighter, so they’re now easier to carry around. Plus, the touch screen feature that readers have always loved is even more improved today with clearer texts and images, and you get all these with just a touch of your finger or stylus pen. All three lines are also incorporated with the E Ink Pearl electronic technology, which reduces glare and allows you to read even under direct sunlight. Other than these, they’ll also allow you to read PDF files more easily and fit larger pages into the Readers’ smaller screen. And to help you as you read, they come with built-in dictionaries with translation to different languages. You can also customize the screen saver, allowing you to pick and use your favorite image.

Added to all these features shared by the three readers, each has unique features that make it stand out from each other and from other readers. These include onboard memory of up to 2GB, ability to play MP3 files, and WiFi. Now don’t you just love these? You can find a Sony Reader at Amazon, but nothing can compare to the features of these newest readers.

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