Sonic Alert Sweetheart Alarm Clock

This Valentine’s Day, give your girl a special item that would benefit the two of you. Give her the Sweetheart alarm clock and you will see the effectiveness of this clock. Your girlfriend will surely wake up on time with this and possibly never get late again on your date.

The Sweetheart alarm clock looks like a simple bedside clock. With its heart shaped design and screaming pink color, I wouldn’t be surprised if Hannah Montana has this in her room. Innocent on the outside but crazy loud on the inside. When activated, the alarm can get as loud as 113db or like a car horn! Imagine hearing that on your bedside, I don’t know if you will still fall asleep. There is also tone and volume control if you feel like the full 113db force is too much or if a higher tone is preferred. There are bright LED lights that blink along the alarm to illuminate the room and alert the person visually.

The snooze button in the middle of the heart will postpone the alarm for 9 minutes. A 9V battery can be placed under the clock to save your settings in case of power outage so the alarm will still go off as power is resumed. However, this battery won’t serve as a power source for the alarm. Plus, there is the Super Shaker that can be placed under the mattress to surely make your girlfriend stand-up and get ready.

Get the Sweetheart Alarm Clock here.

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