Solar Supercharger Pro – Super Fast Way to Charge Your Freeloader Pro

Do you own a Freeloader Pro? If not, then it’s high time that you get one especially now that most of us have different electrical devices. The Freeloader Pro is a solar charger that can power almost every electrical gadget no matter where you are. But if you already own one, it would be very practical to get yourself a Solar Supercharger Pro. This is an extra-tough, ultra-fast, all-weather charger for your Freeloader Pro. The Supercharger Pro is capable of charging the Freeloader Pro completely in as little as four hours under the sun. Meaning, it is always possible for you to charge your Freeloader Pro even twice a day.

The Solar Supercharger Pro makes use of a super efficient, compact 1.8 crystalline solar cell which connects to the Freeloader Pro via a cable. This will give you a fast power boost no matter what the weather may be. The Supercharger pro is outfitted with a tough case that will protect it against harmful elements anywhere you are and in any weather condition.

Moreover, you can bring this supercharger anywhere you want to go and in any activity or work you’re going to do. Thanks to the charger’s Velcro strap and two innovative buckles, it easily and securely fastens onto your bike pannier, your travel bag, or your rucksack. Best is, the said supercharger just weighs 280 grams so you will hardly notice that you’re carrying an additional gear. All you need is to plug it in and voila! Click here and get a Solar Supercharger Pro now!

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