SMX-C20UN Ultra Compact Digital Memory Camcorder

Still using your mobile phone or digital camera to record and share life’s special moments? If yes, why is that so? Is it because you find either of them more reliable to capture videos than a digital camcorder? Or is it because you find a camcorder too bulky for you to use? If you answer yes to the latter, well it’s time you check out this new gadget from Samsung – the SMX-C20UN Ultra Compact Digital Memory Camcorder.

Designed to blend style, comfort and innovative technology in one, the Samsung C20 is set to take your video recording experience to a new heights. It allows you to do four things with ease – shoot, edit, share, and use any computer. In a traditional camcorder, you will notice that it has such a bulky design, making shooting videos for extended period very uncomfortable. But not with the SMX-C20UN. With its unique 25 degree active angle lens that promote healthy hand position, you no longer have to worry about wrist pain and fatigue. It simply allows you to shoot in complete comfort for extended periods of time.

Once you’re done recording, simply edit your file right there on the camcorder. Yes, no need to transfer it to your PC! The Samsung C20 features an Edit function that enables you to combine and divide files with ease. Not only that, it also offers easy one touch sharing and the freedom to use any computer. No need to install CDs, so really this is the more convenient option.

Samsung has done another great job as far as video recording is concerned. If you want to see more of their products, check out these Samsung compact camcorders at Amazon.

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