Smart Drive Kit: The Perfect Smart Fortwo and iPhone Bundle

Since there’s still no definite cure for the clueless driver, having a few “smarts” on the road should welcome palliative solution. Smart Auto, a division of Daimler AG, just launched a new cradle and an application for iPhone to form a Smart drive kit specifically designed for their rear-engine two-seater car, the Smart Fortwo. The first part of the drive kit is the stylish and practical phone holder dubbed as the Smart cradle. It features a control unit, a microphone and a convenient hands-free system that utilizes the car’s stereo both as a sound output and phone loudspeakers. The second part of the smart kit is the Smart drive application for iPhone; it has basically all the features you would need on the road merged into one. It uses a handy set of extra-large icons, buttons and letters for ease of use when driving. This application’s features include a media player with integrated web radio function and a hands free system that works with the cradle.
The real road friendly attribute of the iPhone Smart app lies in its Map and Car Finder feature. The basic version of the map shows the car’s location and displays different point of interest using an internal and online database. The upgraded version turns the iPhone into a full and independent navigation system complete with voice navigation and real-time traffic information. The Car Finder, on the other hand, automatically marks where you left your car using the iPhone’s GPS and it can also be used for providing your location during call for roadside assistance.

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