Sleep Phones Headphones – Safe and Comfortable

Having trouble sleeping? Then why not pop in those earphones so you can listen to your favorite tunes? It’s so relaxing, isn’t it? In no time, you’ll be dozing off to sleep. But wait until you suddenly wake up and feel your ears throbbing because of those earphones. You won’t be too happy about it. So the next time you want to hit that bed with nice soothing music playing on your ears, make sure you use these safe and comfortable Sleep Phones Headphones.

Nestled inside a soft and cozy headband that can be worn around the head, the Sleep Phones Headphones are perfect for those who can’t go to sleep without listening to relaxing tunes. These are safe and comfortable unlike the ordinary earphones which can make your ears feel really painful after hours of use. To use them, simply plug them into your CD player or MP3 player and set it to play your favorite songs or other tracks that can put you to sleep like hypnosis CDs and audiobooks.

But aside from being a comfy headphone, this cool gadget can also be used as a sleep mask. That’s right! Simply put it over your eyes and voila! You are off to a restful and complete night’s sleep.

Really such a great combination, a set of safe and comfy headphones for listening to soothing music and a convenient sleep mask in one. So what else would you need to get that much needed sleep? Get the Sleep Phones Headphones now!

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