Skiff E-book Reader – The Armored Librarian

Imagine the rare Gerardus Mercator’s “Atlas”, The 13th Amendment, William Shakespeare’s “First Folio”, or the more intricate and expensive Gospels of Henry the Lion and Leonardo da Vinci’s “Codex Leicester” and other antique collection of precious books right into you fingertips. No self respecting bibliophile can resist all that as well as the new Skiff e-book reader. In a market with already more than enough e-readers to choose from, Skiff will truly stand out with its innovative design and world’s first engineering. This new reader features one of the largest e-paper displays in the market measuring at 11.5 inches diagonally. It also has one of the thinnest and lightest designs at 6.8mm thick and mere 498 grams in weight.
Don’t be fooled by the sleek and slim design though, Skiff can probably outlast the Library of Alexandria and Library of King Ashurbanipal combined. It features unique durable magnesium housing with a shatter-proof and crack-proof rugged metal foil e-paper display. The 1200 x 1600 pixels metallic touch screen is actually made of silicon thin-film-transistors (TFT) on flexible stainless-steel substrate. This makes the Skiff reader the toughest e-book reader yet.
Skiff is powered by a fast Marvel CPU and has a large 4 GB internal memory expandable through SDHC 2.0 standard compliant SD-card slot. Another great feature is the extra long battery life. On the average, its rechargeable high-capacity Lithium Ion battery can last for a week for 2-3 hours of charging time. It also supports 3G, Wi-Fi and USB 2.0 connectivity.

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