Siemens MiniTek Hearing Aid in One-Touch Operation

Siemens hearing aids are just about what you need to bring you closer to your high-tech gadgets even under extreme noise, environment, and weather conditions! This is best exemplified by Minitek, Siemen’s newest and smallish remote controlled hearing instrument. It works to links you to multiple devices in a convenient one touch to a button operation. With this stylish, compact listening aid, you can experience the richest audio transmission of a caller or synched gadget/s. The Siemens MiniTek is definitely a one-touch device with endless possibilities.

Siemens MiniTek is a state-of-the-art hearing gadget that comes in a cool remote control and streamer style, all in one fashionable listening enhancement device appeal. This small device will transmit the signals of any of your Siemens and/or compatible audio gadget in crystal clear stereo in a highly convenient way—a touch on a soft button. It’s a reliable and versatile gadget, designed to work with just any Siemens’ wireless listening devices or other compatible gadgets.

Truly, the Siemens MiniTek hearing device gets you fully connected with almost all compatible audio devices, Siemens or not. It features a multipoint system, which can work with any two phones and/or transmitters simultaneously. It can also be used as a communicating port to almost all Bluetooth gadgets and supports any 3rd party Bluetooth devices. Also, it can also be used as an add-on linking device to DAI plug and t-coil devices. For after-sales, Siemens MiniTek’s support is made available from the Siemens wireless solutions and CICs (Completely-In-the-Canal) supports. Get a close look of the Siemens hearing aids here.

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