Shortest-Focus Ultra Short-Focus Projectors from Sanyo

Do you or does your office or school needs a projector? One of the coolest units to choose from these days are Sanyo’s new ultra short-focus projectors that are 3D Ready. These units take pride for offering the world’s shortest projection distance. They have high installation flexibility so you can set it up either vertically or horizontally to enjoy large images projected on the wall. Do you know that these are the very first projectors in the industry that are capable of projecting large image even from a short distance? They therefore increase the conditions wherein projectors can be utilized.

The PDG-DWL 2500J model comes with a compact design, which is almost half the size of a traditional item. Aside from projecting images even form a short distance, the said model is becoming more and more popular because of its 3d-ready feature. This makes it possible for every user to view 3D presentations even with a very limited space available. This is very much helpful to people in the digital signage industry because it enables them to present 3D commercials or movie information at the theater’s entryway. Among the other uses of this new projector form Sanyo is in the corporate and entertainment world.

Moreover, new Sanyo projectors are such a space saver. You can, in fact, can have them installed overhead without looking bulky or you can lay them on the floor without eating up much space. Other outstanding features of these projectors are Wide XGA Real compatibility feature for images with high resolution, loud 10W Speaker which enhances listening ability in a class room or conference room, and HDMI terminal for digital output. Click here and check out the available Sanyo projectors at Amazon.

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