Shake ‘N’ Wake Alarm Clock

When you were still single, setting off the alarm was never a problem. You can let it go off as long as you want to since you know you’re not disturbing anybody. But that changed the moment you got married. Because now that your significant other is already sleeping beside you, there’s no way you can’t disturb him/her with your alarm clock. It won’t be too much of a problem if your spouse is a heavy sleeper, but if not, that can become a big issue later on. So as early as now, you better use an alarm clock that will only wake you up and not your spouse. Introducing the Shake ‘N’ Wake Alarm Clock!

Unlike the usual alarm clock, which produces a really loud sound, the Shake ‘N’ Wake Alarm Clock only shakes and vibrates to wake you up. There are actually two ways to use it: one is by wearing it like a wrist watch and two is by tucking it under the pillow to shake you awake. It features a large digital display with time, date, stopwatch, and alarm and a backlight that is needed for time display viewing in the dark. Now, if you want to use it as a conventional alarm clock, you can always do so. Simply set the clock to optional beep alarm and it’s good to go.

So wake up right on time without disturbing your spouse! Buy the Shake ‘N’ Wake Alarm Clock now!

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