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Mobile phones are getting more and more advanced these days. As a result, the rate by which people swap phones – discarding their old phone and getting a new one – has increased. Although this is an indication of the fast rate by which technology advances, this also results in the increasing number of discarded phones. It is this situation that has brought life to cash for mobiles.

Cash for mobile phones is a program that buys and accepts used or damaged mobile phones for recycling. This program is beneficial in two ways: it gives you additional cash for your damaged phone, all while saving the environment. If you have a broken phone, simply bring it to a mobile phone recycling center and get back a certain amount. While you get extra cash, you reduce the wastes that would otherwise pollute the environment. You also save the earth from toxic components such as lead and mercury – these are found in mobile phones and they can contaminate the soil and water. And lastly, if you sell mobiles for cash, you also save a great amount of energy that can then be used to power other devices. You get paid to have the chance to do all these for the environment – now can you ask for more?

Participating in the said program is easy. If you have a damaged phone, all you have to do is to find institutions that recycle mobile phones. There are also different online sites that provide information about the program. You can refer on these sites to find the right groups.

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