Screaming Chef’s Knife

A mainstay in anyone’s kitchen is a chef’s knife. It has a very sharp edge for fine mincing, sharp mid-blade for general cutting, and thick edge for those tough meat. But when cooking, all you hear is chop chop chop and slice slice slice. You can have an alternative that gives life to what you are slicing.

With the Screaming Chef’s Knife, you can hear the sound of what’s on your chopping board. This can fill your sadistic desires of killing an animal but without the guild (much having a pig out session and drinking laxatives after). You just need to select which animal, vegetable, or material you are cutting and just slice away. There is a red button where you press to change different modes of cutting.

For example, you have a slab of bacon ready to be sliced for breakfast. You just have to pick “pig” and everytime you slice that piece of meat, you hear a squeal coming out of the handle. For some good fun like birthday celebrations, you can select the “birthday” mode and the knife plays a victory jingle when you cut the cake. There are more than 50 included sound effects to choose from like Chicken, Pig, Cow, Duck, Onion, Tofu, Broccoli, Birthday, etc. You even have the option to custom record your own sound effect and use it on anything you want – a real great prank if needed.

C’mon, I know you want to have this yourself. Get yours for $29.99 here!

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