Say Hello to My Little Friend – Tomy Radio Controlled Robot Robo Q

Before severing the spine of the next T-600 that steps into your doorstep with a kitchen knife or whacking the first ASN-121 courier droid you see hovering around with a frying pan, remember that not all robots are evil henchman. Some robots are just innocent cute little buggers with bucketful of love in their circuitry – like the new Robo Q, a radio controlled robot from Tomy. In contrast to the menacing machines you see on sci-fi movies, Robo Q is way far from threatening with its measly 3.5 cm height.

Actually, Robo Q is even smaller and cutter than Ben 10’s Grey Matter in a geeky sci-fi kind of way. Being one of the world’s smallest robots, this little radio controlled robot may not be able to protect you from alien invasion but it can do a lot of fun cool stuff to keep you amused and amazed. It comes with a remote control to direct his movement, speed up, run and spin around. The little bugger is smart enough not to crash into things and obstacles. Aside from the space suit, Robo Q features an infrared sensor to identify obstacles and change direction out of harm’s way. The easy to use remote control uses 4 x AA batteries (sadly, not included) and also serves as a charging station for Robo Q. The Tomy radio controlled Robo Q comes with a set of instructions to help you get the fun started.

Get your own Robo Q R/C Remote Contol RC Mini Robot RQ-01 Future White and start the fun!

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