Sanyo Xacti Sound Recorder – World’s Lightest and Slimmest

Do you want to take pride in owning the world’s lightest and slimmest sound recorder? Then get yourself a Sanyo Xacti sound recorder now! Whether you choose the ICR-XPS03MF or the ICR-XPS01MF, you’ll get a unit that features Linear PCM recording plus different MP3 modes. Linear PCM is a superior quality sound recording mode that’s like an audio CD. The sound can be recorded into a microSD card and can easily be moved or played back on a pc or uploaded and shared online.

With the Xacti Sound Recorder, you can capture the “Exact” audio moment and at the same time be active. It is equipped with a slim yet large-capacity lithium-ion battery and a touch sensor that allows smooth operation. This recorder just come 9.4mm thick and weighs only 46grams. It is flexible and capable of doing long-play recording because of the different MP3 recording formats available. The unit’s Linear PCM and MP3 formats are compatible with Windows Media Player Software. Capturing the sound so perfectly are high-performance stereo microphones.

Sanyo Xacti Sound Recorders come with tape-less design so no moving parts will intrude while you’re recording. For each Xacti model you purchase, you also get a microSD card (4GB for XPS03MF and 2GB for XPS01MF). With the unit’s microSD medium and data-file recording format, it will be way easy for you to upload and save data to your PC. This sound recorder has total output of two watts from four speakers when employing AC adapter, and 0.4 watts when powered by the battery integrated in the Xacti recorder.

If you’re interested, you can check out the availability and pricing of Xacti sound recorder at Amazon. Other products like  Sanyo ICR are also available.

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