SANYO eneloop Hybrid Bicycle

Growing up as a kid, all you ever wanted was a bicycle that you see all the cool kids have. You might even remember putting a baseball card in the bike’s frame to make cool sounds as the card hit the spokes. Well, the bicycle we all know has upgraded to help us go green (as if pedaling wasn’t enough) by making a bike ride more comfortable and probably help reduce car usage.

There are already hybrid bicycles out in the market. However, their mechanism of charging only kicks in when you go downhill or when you are decelerating. You therefore don’t charge the batteries whenever you pedal, where most of your time do when riding a bike. This makes you worry that you could run out of battery whenever you are on assisted pedal mode when going uphill.

With SANYO’s eneloop Eco Charge Mode featuring the “Loop Charge” model, you also charge the bicycle’s battery whenever you pedal. The bike is also intelligent in terms of knowing how much resistance it will give you to run the dynamo and charge the battery. Like when you are on a relatively flat surface, it gives you more resistance than when riding on an inclined plane where assisted pedaling would kick in. This makes riding the bike more pleasurable, comfortable, and hassle free.

The company will start releasing this product in Japan on April 21, 2010 with a monthly production volume of 10,000 units. It will sell for 157, 290 yen or approximately $1,800.

Hybrid bicycles can be found here.

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