Samsung Zeal – New Concept, New Form Factor

Why settle for one when you can have two? You have probably seen some dual screen gaming consoles and dual swing door refrigerators, Samsung somehow managed to combine those two innovations to come up with their latest phone – the new Samsung Zeal. This nifty messaging phone features a unique dual-hinge and dual screen design in a flip-phone form factor that boldly sets it apart from any other mobile phones out there. But unlike a dual swing door that swings open from left or right, the Zeal flips from two orientations: either vertical or horizontal. Think of it as a clamshell phone that can also open up vertically like the Nokia Communicators, the design is so intuitive that it’s almost like an entirely new form factor.

Additionally, it comes with an E Ink keyboard that adapts on the user’s preference. Open the phone vertically and it will display a classic numeric or alpha only keypad. Open the phone horizontally or in landscape and it will show a QWERTY or numeric with symbols keypad. It’s also loaded with business and lifestyle features like corporate email support for Microsoft Office Exchange, Social Beat Widget for easy access to social networking sites and different web feeds, VZ Navigator support for access to driving directions and points of interests, Media Center for downloadable digital contents, and Skype mobile for expanded messaging options.

Other noteworthy features include a microSD card slot that can accommodate up to 32GB cards, Bluetooth connectivity, and a 2.0 megapixel camera.

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