Samsung TicToc – The Shakeable MP3 Player

Does your wife or girlfriend love listening to music? Then, why not give her an MP3 player, that is if she hasn’t got one? It will be the perfect gift she’ll get especially if she’s dying to own one ever since. Finding one for her is not difficult, anyway. There are lots of options for you. But to be sure of quality, you must get only from a trusted name like Samsung. It’s one of the leading MP3 player manufacturers worldwide. And among its latest products, which will be available later this year, is the Samsung TicToc.

The Samsung TicToc is out to replace Apple’s iPod shuffle. This is a very portable device so wherever she goes, she can carry it conveniently. And, if she hates fumbling with so many buttons just to switch from one track to another, then this is the perfect bet for her. Why? Because it’s shakeable – thanks to its built-in motion sensor! Functions like playback, skipping past songs, and switching songs can be easily controlled by shaking. The only time she’ll press a button is when she turns it on/off. But this button is also used in conjunction with gravity in order to adjust the volume. Let her hold the button with the player upside down and the volume will decrease and vice versa. Cool eh?

The Samsung TicToc will really make a perfect gift for your wife or girlfriend. But since it will be out late this year, then you might want to look into these Samsung MP3 players from Amazon for now. Since they’re also from Samsung, you are guaranteed of quality, only that they’re not shakeable.

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